"You're Not Alone" (CD)

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(Sony Entertainment) 2018

1. "The Power of Partying"

2. "Music is Worth Living For"

3. "Ever Again"

4. "I Don't Know Anything"

5. "The Feeling of Being Alive"

6. "Party Mindset"

7. "The Party Never Dies"

8. "Give Up On You"

9. "Keep On Going"

10. "In Your Darkest Moments"

11. "The Devil's On Your Side"

12. "Break The Curse"

13. "Total Freedom"

14. "Beyond Oblivion"

15. "Confusion and Clarity"

16. "You're Not Alone"

SIGNED OPTION: Available autographed by Andrew W.K.

***Some autographed items may be slightly worn due to Andrew's hard partying ways. Some of these special items have lived with Andrew on his tour bus and traveled with him around the world. Because of this, autographed items may have evidence of his intense partying.***

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