"Premium Collection - Very Best So Far & The Japan Covers" (2 Disc Set/Japanese Import CD)

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"Very Best So Far" with "Japan Covers" (2 CD Disc Set)

"Premium Collection - The Very Best So Far"

(Universal Music Japan) 2008

CD 1

  1. You Will Remember Tonight
  2. It's Time To Party
  3. We Want Fun
  4. Tear It Up
  5. One Brother
  6. Victory Strikes Again
  7. Long Live The Party
  8. Party Hard
  9. Party Til You Puke
  10. Never Let Down
  11. She Is Beautiful
  12. Not Going To Bed
  13. Totally Stupid
  14. Fun Night
  15. Ready To Die
  16. The Moving Room
  17. I Love NYC
  18. I Get Wet
  19. Party (You Shout!)

"Premium Collection - The Japan Covers"

(Universal Music Japan) 2008

CD 2

  1. Kiseke
  2. Giroppon
  3. Ai Senshi
  4. Bohemian
  5. Little Love Song
  6. Gakuen Tengoku
  7. Runner
  8. Linda Linda
  9. Love Is Over
  10. Monica
  11. My First Kiss
  12. Shima Uta
  13. Shuchishin
  14. Thrill

SIGNED OPTION: Available autographed by Andrew W.K.
***Some autographed items may be slightly worn due to Andrew's hard partying ways. Some of these special items have lived with Andrew on his tour bus and traveled with him around the world. Because of this, autographed items may have evidence of his intense partying.***
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