Winner Announced for the Andrew W.K. Halloween Costume Contest 2017

The Andrew W.K. Halloween Look-A-Like Costume Contest 2017 has officially ended!

There were so many creative and incredible Halloween partiers, it was impossible to pick just one winner… so Andrew picked three!

Even then, there were dozens of inventive, imaginative, and insightful costume creations that made this Halloween partier than ever. Details like recreations of not only Andrew’s pizza and taco guitars – but also a careful replication of his custom brown leather guitar strap – really blew his mind. New young partiers, long time partiers, and some truly impressive photo shoots added even more wonder to the Halloween spirit.

Congratulations to these three winners Sebastian, Katie, and SebastianKatie, and Matt, and thank you to everyone who partied hard on this most party of holidays, and every day. You’re all winners in Andrew’s book of party.