WINNER: Andrew Announces Party Art PS4 Contest Winner

On January 23rd, 2014, Andrew announced a special PARTY ART contest where one lucky winner would win Andrew’s brand new Sony PS4 video game console. Andrew said…“I got this brand new PS4 and thought the only thing partier than keeping it would be to give it to someone else! Giving away prizes is always super party!”

Contestants were encouraged to submit their own Andrew W.K. themed paintings, drawings, sculptures, tattoos and any other PARTY ARTWORK they could make. If they weren’t artistically inclined, they were asked to write “PARTY HARD – ANDREW W.K.” somewhere and send in a photo. In the end, Andrew received hundreds of submissions – far more than he anticipated – and the quality and originality of those submissions far exceeded his expectations. Andrew says…

“When I came up with this contest, it was in response to a lot of the amazing party inspired artwork people have shared with me. I got this PS4 and figured that would be a cool prize for someone out there who put a lot of time into making special artwork like this. But I never was prepared for how many TRULY MINDBLOWING pieces of visual art people would send in. In fact, that made this contest a bittersweet experience, as picking just one winner has been an extremely difficult and almost painful experience. I could’ve easily picked at least 30 first place winners, and dozens more submissions that were amazing and so creative, but I had to narrow it down to just one grand prize PS4 recipient. Again, it was NOT easy at all to pick just one winner, and I truly apologize to everyone who isn’t that one winner. You have absolutely blown me away with what you created. I hope you realize how much I appreciate you being part of this party and making something so unique and inspired for us to all marvel at. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m amazed and impressed and so proud to consider myself your friend and fellow-partier. We are all in this party together, and you are definitely making it a partier adventure than it ever would be otherwise.”

Without further delay, the winner of the PARTY ART PS4 contest is…


With her incredible party pastel triptych, featuring Andrew crowd-surfing and free-jumping, as well as an extremely beautiful interpretation of the classic bloody nose image, Kristen was a quick contender for first place. You can see Kristen’s winning artwork above, as well as a photo of her standing in front of her work below. And beneath that, you’ll see a photo of Andrew holding the prized PS4 that she so deservedly has won.

Congratulations again to Kristen!!! We hope she enjoys her new PS4 and that she parties while she plays it! We also hope everyone continues making amazing art to share with us! This contest was such an unexpected success, Andrew plans on doing many more!


Now, let’s enjoy a selection of the best of the best of the other submissions we received. Comments and additional details below each picture from Andrew himself…

ABOVE MADE BY: Jill Nelson – Andrew says: “Thank you so much for making this, Jill! It’s an amazing illustration! It’s always been a dream of mine to fly on the head of another party god in wolf form! And the detail in the pizza guitar is really, really well done! Very hard partying art, indeed. We’re flying so fast through the air that the wind is blowing my mouth apart and open! I love that – some serious speed flying and party shredding. Thank you, Jill!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Al (Tunalmelt) – Andrew says: “Wow! This is just so brilliant, I can’t believe it! Instead of Andrew W.K. playing a slice of pizza-shaped guitar, it’s a slice of pizza playing an Andrew-shaped guitar! It doesn’t get much partier than this. There’s something very primal and nightmarish about this concept, and I love that about it. Food rarely gets to turn the tables like this! It’s really amazing and frightening in the best way! Thank you so much, Al!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Anonymous – Andrew says: “This is pasted/painted up on a wall on some street in Houston, Texas! It’s one of the most amazing pieces of street art I’ve ever seen. I was truly baffled at the brilliance of the blood running out of the face, onto the wall, onto the sidewalk, and then into the street! This is one of the most creative and daring pieces of party art we received, and I’m deeply indebted to whomever took the risk to pull this off. I hope it stays up for years to come, but no matter what, it’s made me more determined than ever to party hard!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Johnny Skinz – Andrew says: “This was one of the first really mind-blowing entries I saw! It was one of those total is-this-real-life kinds of moments! Pizza shoes are an amazing concept to begin with, not mention the care and detail what went into the bloody nose and the other portrait. This was one of the coolest things anyone sent in. Thank you so much, Johnny!”

ABOVE MADE BY: brazencolossuscase – Andrew says: “This was probably the most pyschedelic of all the entries sent in and I just love it so much! It’s a colored pencil drawing, and the photo above is actually of the piece in progress. The final drawing was even more intense and amazing, but you can see a lot of detail here and really appreciate that this was all done by hand. This was probably the most imaginative and far-out submission that anyone sent in. There’s so much going on – it’s like a world of partying within a world of partying hard. Thank you for bringing this into reality! I’m just beyond amazed by it.”

ABOVE MADE BY: Casey J Hatley – Andrew says: “It’s a bit difficult to tell from this photo, but I believe this entire sculpture is made out of hand-painted carved wood! At first I thought it was made of clay, but then I saw another photo of it before it was painted, and it seems to be made of very carefully hand-carved wood! This was definitely the most unusual submission! It’s hard to even dream up an object like this! Clearly, my pizza guitar was the starting point, but I love how Casey just went wild and incorporated the wolf and the very unique colors and details. I’ve never really seen anything like this anywhere. Thank you very much, Casey! And keep up the amazing work!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Todd Spence – Andrew says: “This is such a great illustration, and really shows a mastery of draftsmanship and texture. I think it’s watercolor paints. It’s just amazing. First of all, to paint just this part of someone’s body is pretty intense! And then to add the lightning electrical blue power surging AWK letters just adds so much to it! I really love the choices made here, and the idea that you can render someone’s likeness without even having to show their face! Amazing and stunning work, Todd! I’m really humbled by this one.”

ABOVE MADE BY: Davo freyeballs – Andrew says: “We actually received a bunch of pizza related submissions, but this is the only one that actually turned a pizza into me! Davo even took the time to take step-by-step photographs showing the process of creating this party art masterpiece. It’s really tasty looking and really well done. I hope you ate it afterwards! Thank you so much for cooking me into a pizza!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Heather McNeil – Andrew says: “I was really blown away by the textures in this drawing. It was one of the first really good drawings we got in, and I just love how the hair looks and all the nice details in the line quality! I wish my hair looked that good! I also love the way Heather took the time to actually draw the keyboard note I’m playing, and make sure it’s pressed down! And I believe she colored this with the computer after she finished the hand drawing. There’s a really nice contrast between the freestyle hand drawing and the computerized and very vivid coloring. Thank you so much for putting so much care and detail into this, Heather! It’s really beautiful.”

ABOVE MADE BY: Ira Scarlet – Andrew says: “I just love the energy here. It’s not always easy to translate a human into a cartoon version, but Ira did a fantastic job here, and added a lot of playful energy. I love the bold patches of color, and the very relaxed but powerful approach to the composition and layout. This is an awesome illustration and you can tell that Ira understands how to put together a great picture, while having an original and recognizable style. And my hand on the neck of the pizza guitar is very well rendered! Hands are not easy to draw or paint! Thank you, Ira!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Petja Pustisek – Andrew says: “I think this was the only pony related artwork anyone sent in! Or at least, no one sent in such a well crafted original upright sculpture like this! Petja really captures my stance, my mic cable, and even got my black watch in there! I just love the way the hair/mane is moving and frozen like that! It really looks like a photograph taken in the midst of a perfect party headbang! And I really appreciate all the photos, showing us all the angles and details here! This is truly a party pony to end all party ponies! I can tell this took a lot of time and effort. Thank you, Petja!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Joey M Souza – Andrew says: “This is probably the most gross-out thing anyone sent in, and I love it! It’s just absolutely awesome! The texture and totally freaked out style of this illustration really puts it over the top. So much dripping, sliming, greasy goodness here! Complete with my severed head to top it all off! I love the eyeballs and band-aids mixed in with the more traditional pizza toppings. And are those shark’s fins? Or claws? Or black shards of metal? You can look at this for a long time and it just keeps getting partier and grosser. Thank you, Joey! This is totally bad ass!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Lee TV – Andrew says: “This object is one of those things that really has to be seen in person to be believed and appreciated! Fortunately, I was actually given a copy of this ‘Nontendo’ game after a recent concert in Pennsylvania. I was absolutely blown away by it then and still am now! As you can see, there’s nothing missing from this party extreme video game! The detail and thought put into this is really incredible, not to mention how well the spirit and design style of the traditional packaging has been captured. Really a fantastic work of art. Thank you so much, Lee! I will treasure my copy always!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Eddie Collins – Andrew says: “While I’m not sure if the tattoo was created by Eddie, or if he’s the artist who tattooed it on someone else, this is one of the best tattoo submissions we received. The style here is very pure and very smoothly done – a true Party Messiah for the ages! But I really love the extra care that went into the bloody nose – the glistening, shining white ink really takes it over the top and keeps the blood looking fresh and moist. Thank you, Eddie! And please pass on my thanks to the tattoo artist!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Jason Neumann – Andrew says: “I think this might’ve been the only comic book style submission we received, but it’s just absolutely great! I love that Jason decided to include some of my band members, like Cherie Lily and Blakey Boy! And the ‘Party Pooper’ guy is just amazing! I swear I’ve seen that guy around before! And look at the amazing Positive Party Power Generator! There’s so much going on here, you just want to open this up and dive in. And how great is the dripping bloody nose logo for the publishing company in the upper left corner? Thank you so much for not only drawing a great piece of artwork, Jason, but for also coming up with so many great ideas and details! This is really amazing and means a lot to me.”

ABOVE MADE BY: Jason poopooclub – Andrew says: “I wish I could see this painting in person. I feel like this photo doesn’t nearly do it justice! You can tell that not only is Jason an amazing painter, but he’s also got so many great ideas going on here. From what I can tell, not only is there a werewolf creature in the foreground, but also some sort of viking ogre! I love the imagination involved, the composition, and the truly advanced painting skills! The whole picture looks like it’s a glowing volcanic fire! This is really, really well done. So much talent. So much awesomeness. Thank you so much, Jason!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Michelle – Andrew says: “When I first saw this, I couldn’t believe it was real! But it is! Michelle actually got my name up in drug store lights! And if that isn’t party, I don’t know what is! Another person sent in a photo of a McDonald’s sign with ‘PARTY HARD’ on it, but I couldn’t verify if it was real, so Michelle really takes the cake for this type of submission! Thank you so much for pulling this off, Michelle! It put a huge smile on my face! If you worked at Walgreen’s I really hope they didn’t fire you!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Cory Brown – Andrew says: “Another really masterful illustration. I love this, because it looks the way I was trying to look in the photo it was based on! Sometimes art just looks even partier than real life! You can tell that Cory is a really skilled drawer and painter. It really blows me away how many talented partiers there are out there in the world. And it moves me sincerely that so much gifted skill has been offered to me and this particular party. I hope that Cory had as much fun painting this as I have looking at it. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and all of us partiers, Cory!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Michael Hays – Andrew says: “This is like real professional artwork! Just amazingly well done! This drawing has so much energy and intensity to it! It really jumps out of the screen, or off the page, or whatever. It shows what real skill can do with someone’s face. Michael was able to amplify the party spirit in my soul and bring out more than the party gods themselves could even dare to! Thank you for making this exist, Michael!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Jenn Marshall – Andrew says: “At first, I thought this was a painting made on a vinyl LP record, but then after looking more carefully, I think it’s a painting done on a black plate or bowl! It’s a party dish! That’s even more amazing! And it looks like maybe it was even coated, so that hopefully someone could actually use it to eat off of! Eat off my face! My wish is that this be used to serve pizza, nachos, and tacos as often as possible! I’m sure it’s not easy to pain on this type of surface! And this is definitely the only plate/bowl anyone submitted! Thank you for creating this, Jenn!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Jecci Smith Joopis – Andrew says: “I love how frantic and energetic the line style is in this excellent illustration! The feelings of party power are just bursting! There’s a nice horrorifying zombie feeling to this too, and I really like the heavily stylized flourishes and jagged edges. There’s a lot going on, and it all adds up to a really powerful feeling of party energy. Thank you for lending your skills to this party, Jecci!”

ABOVE MADE BY: Bre Defibaugh – Andrew says: “As much as I’ve seen people draw or paint the bloody nose image, there are always little subtle differences and special aspects that make each one unique and amazing. With Bre’s painting here, I really love what’s going on with the hair – there are nice big blocks of black, but then these very particular strands and lines which have been separated and set off on their own. There also appears to be some interesting textures built up with the paint around the bloody nose. It almost looks 3-D! Thank you for crafting such a carefully and lovingly executed painting, Bre!”


Andrew will be posting even more artwork from the contest on his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, so keep your eyes peeled for much more!!! Thank you to everyone for sharing your talents with this party!!!