Who Said It: Andrew W.K. or Tyler, The Creator?

Who Said It: Tyler, the Creator or Andrew W.K.? | TheVine

Lately, Tyler, the Creator has been on something of an inspirational tear on Facebook. Emboldened by his success, he’s felt motivated to reach out to his fans, encouraging them to be more and do more with their infinite potential. Andrew WK’s been doing a similar thing for years, as we’ve covered before here and here, so we thought it would be a fun to play Who Said It with Tyler and Andrew.

Read the quotes below, take your best guesses, and then click HERE for the answers!

PARTY FACT: Tyler The Creator’s group “Odd Future” played one of their first NYC shows at Andrew’s Santos Party House venue!

A: Look at me as inspiration.

B: There’s absolutely no reason why today can’t be the greatest day we’ve ever had

C: Becoming an adult isn’t about giving up what you enjoyed as a child. Becoming an adult is about becoming a super-child.

D: Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad or scared sometimes, it just means you keep on going anyway.

E: True success isn’t about having a lot of money. It’s about having a lot of fun.

F: Depression is just our brain telling us to party harder.

G: People don’t stop partying because they get old. They get old because they stop partying.

H: Failing at what you love is better than succeeding at what you hate.

I: You’re never too old to start doing what you really want to do in life.

J: True success has little to do with money. True success is doing what you believe in.

K: Pee in your pants. It feels so good!

L: If you don’t have any confidence, let me be your confidence (t)

M: There are no rules. Fuck the rules.

N: I want everyone to win. I want everyone to smile. I want everyone to be in a good mood.

O: Start smiling more and start hanging around people that make you feel good.

P: Start liking yourself.