VIDEO: Watch Andrew Bring His Own Jagermeister to Amarin Cafe in Brooklyn

Before he ascended to the divine status of Real-Life Party God, legendary party-rocker Andrew W.K. was just an anonymous regular eating Thai food alone at Amarin Café. From 1998 to 2001, he lived first in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and then in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where Amarin opened in 1997 in a space that was formerly a Chinese restaurant.

In those days, the man who’d go on to pen “Party Hard” and “It’s Time to Party” toiled in the indie record store Kim’s Underground in Manhattan and then went home to Brooklyn to eat his favorite dish at Amarin: grilled salmon with green curry.

Bedford + Bowery‘s The Regulars brought Andrew back to his early hangout to talk about working through his early anger and excitement, what partying is really about, and ultimately what it means to be alive. Watch the video above or by clicking HERE

Watch an INTERVIEW EXTRA HERE and see the origin story of Andrew W.K. – stealing cash, getting mugged, face slashing, mom guilt, and the philosophy of cheering people up!