VIDEO: Pizza with Andrew W.K. at Grand Avenue Pizza Company

Pizza With Andrew WK at Grand Avenue Pizza Company | Phoenix New Times | By Jim Louvau

It’s no secret that Andrew W.K. has made a career out of partying, everyone knows that. But now that the dust has settled from his energetic performance at last weekend’s Viva PHX festival at Monarch Theatre we can share with you one of his other passions that you may not know about.

The long-haired rocker, motivational speaker, and Village Voice advice columnist also has a deep love for all things pizza.

“Pizza makes a great party, anytime you have pizza it automatically is a party,” he told us.

“A lot of people like breathing, a lot of people like water, a lot of people like existing, and so we bond over those common shared interests. Pizza is one that’s brought me a lot of happiness, and I’m excited to share that with other folks.”

While we may not see him appearing in a Papa John’s commercial anytime soon (well, you never know), Andrew W.K. knows what he’s looking for in a pie, so we took him to Grand Avenue Pizza Company to get his high-minded thoughts on the imported Italian cultural phenomenon that is pizza.