VIDEO: Onion AV Club Reviews Andrew’s Exclusive Sex-Wipe Gift Set

In March of 2013, Andrew W.K. was named the spokesman for Playtex’s new line of “Fresh + Sexy” intimate wipes. During SXSW in Austin, Texas, Andrew hosted a number of sexy events, from running a “confession booth” to headlining a “Black Booth Confessional Party.” Around that same time, Andrew sent out very special and exclusive Fresh + Sexy packages to his friends. The packages were curated by Andrew and focused on the five sexy, sensual senses.

Marah at The A.V. Club received her package and kept it secretly hidden away in her desk drawer for months because the contents were just too party! She recently decided that she couldn’t contain them anymore and that they must be shared with the world. Check out The A.V. Club’s recent episode of Mailbag where Marah chronicles the contents of the gift set one by one! Watch the video above or by clicking HERE.