VIDEO: Huffington Post Interview About Partying, Rollercoasters, and Betty White


Andrew W.K.

VIDEO: Huffington Post Interview About Partying, Rollercoasters, and Betty White

Riding Rollercoasters with Betty White and Some Deep Thoughts with Andrew W.K.: An A-Sides Interview

On the surface, Andrew W.K. has made a career out of being a “professional partier,” but if you peel off some layers to that persona, which is very real by the way, you’d find there’s much more to the man than headbanging, long hair, white tees and pants, and the occasional bloody nose. While he lives by one mantra (yes, it’s to party), W.K. has made a career wearing more hats than Pharrell on an awards show.

Ever since he bum-rushed the rock world in 2001 with his groundbreaking “I Get Wet record, the California native has stayed a fixture in pop culture by simply evolving and adding to his party-inspired repertoire. He appears regularly on TV (RIP Destroy Build Destroy), DJs around town, owns his own label, and moonlights as co-owner of a killer New York City club (Santos Party House). In addition, he’s a motivational speaker (follow his Twitter account, and I promise you’ll be inspired by something he says so simply – it. “Don’t mistake a bad day for a bad life.”), and currently serves as an advice columnist for the Village Voice. And while he’s doing all of this, he’s still making music someway, somehow. Later this month, he’ll hit up a Canadian Tour (say hi to Rick Moranis), and will play a series of one-off shows this spring.

Late last month at the Primary Wave Music Listening Room in New York, I filmed an A-Sides taping with the man, the myth, and the life of the party to discuss his career, where he’s been, and where he’s going. A big part of the line of questioning kept coming back to those almost Jack Handy-like Twitter motivational sayings, and theorizing how I can overcome my own shortcoming. (I have many – some of which you can see in the video below – ie. stop shaking that foot, dude).

Anyway, the answers all lead to one word: party. But, it’s more complex than that. We discuss bucket lists, social media, and the immortal Betty White. Watch the interview in its entirety (I split it into three parts), or watch a segment or two. Either way – be inspired. Anyone who lives their lives remotely the way Andrew W.K. does should be. We can learn a lot from this professional partier. Now block out the outside noise, live in the moment, and watch the interview below.

About A-Sides Music:

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