VIDEO: Andrew’s Backstage Interview in Massachusetts

Andrew W.K. Lays Down Some Party Insight at Cuisine En Locale | DigBoston | By Dan McCarthy

It was a good night to party. And when Andrew W.K. shows up in Somerville for a solo show at a unique neighborhood venue like Cuisine en Locale, it becomes a dynamite night to party.

Armed with nothing more than some backing tracks, a keyboard, a gyrating stage accomplice, and nothing short of surging, volcanic energy on stage, everyone’s favorite party-rocker with an affinity for wearing white (and giving great interviews) brought big fun to Highland Ave last night.

We teamed up with long-time Andrew W.K. superfan Josh Rosenberg of The Boston Shit Show podcast lore to sit down with Andrew minutes after his set ended for a live-streamed Periscope interview, which has been boiled down to the sizzle reel you’ll find above.