VIDEO: Andrew Talks Emojis, Wearing All White, and Pizza

Andrew W.K. on His Favorite Emoji, Wearing All White, and Pizza | StyleCaster | By Leah Bourne

Music fans are likely most familiar with Andrew W.K. for his gritty rock music—from his anthem, “Party Hard,” which has been featured in countless commercials, to “We Want Fun,” which was featured on the soundtrack to “Jackass.”

Between his music and his grunge look—which includes a consistent wardrobe of dirty white tees and jeans—you might think that he’s kind of a hard-ass. Au contraire: the singer and musician has developed a thriving secondary career as a motivational speaker and columnist, offering refreshingly honest advice to some of life’s trickier problems (read: the kinds of questions you don’t necessarily want to ask your parents) with a dash of humor and genuine positivity. (If you’re not familiar with his advice, we strongly urge you to check out his weekly advice column for The Village Voice“Ask Andrew W.K.”, which answers questions like “Am I Getting Too Old to Party?” and “I’m Contemplating Suicide.”

Whether you’re a fan of his music or his advice (or, let’s face it, for his very deliberate wardrobe choices), we guarantee you’ll find his personality as infectious as we do. W.K. recently stopped by our office to answer our fishbowl questions—including emoji he uses most, why he always wears all white, and the last thing he bought.

In the words of W.K., “party hard” by watching the video above or by clicking HERE.