VIDEO: Andrew Talks About NYC’s Partiest Department Store

New York City’s partiest department store, Century 21, stops by Santos Party House to talk happiness, good vibes, sweet deals, and of course, partying with the party king himself, Andrew W.K.! Read an excerpt of the article below and continue reading HERE.

“Andrew W.K. likes to have fun. In fact, he has made it his life’s mission to bring good cheer to all. ‘I try to focus on a celebratory attitude and use all mediums to convey that,’ explains W.K. ‘If you’re happy to be alive, then you have the right to celebrate that every day.’ Santos Party House, a New York nightlife venue he co-owns with a group of friends, is a major conduit for expressing his good vibes. W.K. also channels this energy through his work as a musician, motivational speaker, and TV host (your kids may have been riveted by his show Destroy Build Destroy on Cartoon Network). ‘My work has always been in the realm of entertainment. Basically, I am a professional partier.’

A nightclub, dance hall, and concert space all rolled into one, Santos distinguishes itself by offering an eclectic lineup of entertainment. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Pharrell and N.E.R.D. has played there. ‘The most meaningful performance for me was when Obituary, a [thrash] metal band I have idolized since high school, played here,’ recalls W.K. ‘It proved to me that dreams do come true.'”

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