VIDEO: Andrew Performs A Medley Of Impromptu Songs On “The 404” Show

Andrew W.K. is back on The 404 for the first time in five years with sage advice about New York, social media, and positivity. Watch the full video above or by clicking HERE as Andrew talks about the state of music journalism, his old modeling lookbook, and later performs a medley of impromptu songs with lyrics by 404 listeners! You can also listen to the entire podcast here or download it here.

The 404 podcast, with hosts Jeff Bakalar and Justin Yu, gives you the latest news in gadgets, social media, video games, and movies with snarky commentary and the occasional tasteless joke.

Leaked from today’s 404 episode:

– On May 22, Andrew W.K. will appear at The Strand Bookstore to discuss “I Get Wet,” a book about his first album.

– Andrew W.K. on remaining positive in a world of online negativity.

– Has music criticism devolved into gossip lifestyle reporting?

– Check out Andrew W.K.’s cover of the “Mickey Mouse Club March,” which appears on the “Mosh Pit on Disney” album released only in Japan.

– Bonus round: Gundam Rock!