VIDEO: Anchoress And Three Inches of Blood Cover Party Hard

When faced with the dilemma of what song to cover, punk band Anchoress took the party route and ran with it! With a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there, the punked up version of “Party Hard” was born, complete with screaming vocals and party drums. Andrew even makes a special guest appearance in the video! Enjoy the full music video above or by clicking HERE.

Anchoress explain why they chose to cover Andrew W.K. to Noisecreep:

“We debated a lot over what song to cover. It came down to Lou Reed or Andrew W.K. We love both, but nothing can really compete with the pure raditude of the party master in his prime so Andrew won out. The video was a blast to film. We shot over an afternoon at the Rickshaw Theatre which has become like a second home to us. We had a bunch of our friends hanging out and just having a good time. We went in with a basic idea of what we were going to do, but some of my favorite parts were ones that just happened spontaneously, like the conga line and our drummer Chris throwing his drum kit. Our friend Pedram definitely kicked it up a notch when he showed up in jeans only to rip them off to reveal leather booty shorts and fishnets. That’s when the party really got started.”

If some of the other dudes in the video looked familiar, that’s because 3 Inches of Blood and W.K. himself both appear in the clip. The video was shot at The Rickshaw in Anchoress’ hometown of Vancouver.

Anchoress will release their debut album, Set Sail, on May 14 via Defiled Under: Music. “Party Hard” will not be included on the album, but it will be available on the group’s Bandcamp page.