VICTORY! Andrew Drums For 24 Hours And Sets New World Record

Andrew W.K. Relives “Pain” Of Record-Setting 24-Hour Drum Session

Andrew W.K. may best be known as the party king, but now he can be called the king of something else: drumming.

VIDEO: Watch Andrew’s Highlights From The O Music Awards

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On Thursday, June 24th, 2013 at 7:00pm EST, Andrew W.K. set a world drumming record! Andrew broke the record for “longest drum session in a retail store” after manning a kit in the Times Square, NYC Oakley Sunglasses Store for 24 hours. The mega-drumming session was live-streamed in its entirety by MTV during its O Music Awards and served as the heartbeat of its “Live Music Day.” The O Music Awards are fan-voted and given to musicians who make a significant impact through social media.

Shortly after beginning to drum, Andrew won the category for “Must Follow Artist,” which he lived up to by continuing to tweet regularly while drumming. Upon earning both the record and award, Andrew tweeted the following:

The 24 hour endurance test captured national press attention across the spectrum, which may be viewed as a powerful example of the impact of social media in entertainment reporting today. This included many top media reporting throughout with on-the-edge-of-their seat updates. Mashable reported early in the event “Right now, everything looks and sounds good — so good, in fact, that we’ve been grooving to drum sounds for the last hour or so, and it just might be our soundtrack for the day.”

Towards the end, Stereogum was shocked at the meditative and focused state that the normally high-energy motivational W.K. was in. “Seriously…he’s not looking too good. His usual big grin has turned into more of a pained grimace, and I can’t help but feel like I’m watching some weird real-life version of the Hunger Artist play out…only with partying.” At the triumphant end of the 24 hours they summed up concluding “Andrew W.K.’s partytime endurance has done him well.”

Also exciting was the constant stream of high-caliber guest drummers who joined with W.K. during the event. This varied list included ?uestlove (The Roots), Nick Jonas(The Jonas Brothers), Chad Smith (The Red hot Chili Peppers) as well as actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and non-human internet celebri-cat Lil Bub.

After the arduous day came to a close, W.K. was presented with a formal certificate for the Longest Drum Session in a Retail Store.

MTV News caught up with the record holder to find out just how he got through it.

And while there was no shortage of protein bars or tacos (six hard shells, to be exact), W.K. insisted that it was the support of fellow guest drummers, loved ones and fans that helped him endure.

But even with all the support from his peers, nothing could really prepare him for the range of emotion he felt. “Every emotion and every feeling from the most excited and happy to the most — I don’t wanna ever say I was sad, but in severe pain — like real physical pain,” he explained. “I didn’t anticipate that at all.”

“I actually never got tired because there was so much adrenaline and so many people that were especially giving so much energy. It really felt like a team effort,” he said. That team included his wife, who massaged him during the final stretch.

The Must-Follow Artist on Twitter winner told MTV News earlier this week that pizza, which he chowed down on before getting behind the drum set, would also help him get through the drumathon.

“Sort of like dangling a carrot in front of a greyhound doggie, it will keep chasing that carrot. So I may put a hot pizza just out of arm’s reach … have a fan waft the odor and aroma, and that may tantalize me as a rich reward; at the end of the 24-hour period, I get to bite down on that pizza pie.”

While he’s probably off resting somewhere now, it’s safe to say that he proudly defeated his goal. “Well, I wanted it to be a party.”