Up-Close-And-Personal Live Review And Interview From Andrew’s HUMAN PARTY MACHINE Tour

Alex from Journey of a Frontman caught up with musician, entertainer, and self-proclaimed party king Andrew W.K. for a very party interview! In addition to speaking one-on-one with Andrew, Alex also published a very nice and touching review of Andrew’s recent Hartford, CT solo show on the HUMAN PARTY MACHINE TOUR. Enjoy an excerpt from the exclusive interview below! Read the full interview HERE and the full show review HERE.

AO: So in regards to my earlier blog post about your show last week, tell me what your thoughts are about your show last Friday in Hartford, Connecticut at the Arch Street Tavern.

A.W.K.: Well first of all, I mean it’s a great town that I’ve had the pleasure of partying in several times. I’ve played several concerts in that realm and I haven’t been back there in a few years, so I was very much looking forward to this and I’d also never played this special kind of party solo show there, so it was also excited to do a new kind of show there, and also excited to play a different venue, this Arch Street Tavern, which I had heard a lot about and some other friends of mine had played there before. It had a good reputation and it’s also exciting because it’s a very, very old building, yet it’s conveniently located in the very, very new part of the city, in terms of lots of refurbished sidewalks, roads, streets, buildings, and whatnot. So it was a very special, kind of comfortable spot, but also very neutral, it really isn’t a venue, it’s more of course a tavern, or a restaurant, or a bar, however you want to say it, which is just perfect because on this tour we potentially wanted to play not just in regular venues, like we have so many times in the past, which are great, especially if you have the full band, but this is supposed to be more of a party atmosphere where people are enjoying the whole space as a room that we’re in together and I felt that it left itself very well to that and it was also very bright.

AO: Now, what is the difference between playing the solo shows on this tour, as opposed to playing in the band, you know, the ups and downs of it.

A.W.K.: Well, in one way, it’s like apples and oranges. I mean, I like both of those fruits and they have their unique taste. I don’t know that there’s really any downside to either one of them. The main difference when I play with the band is there’s just a lot more people playing instruments. That’s probably the only real difference. I feel like the energy in the room that we get to, we reach the same place of joy. I mean, that’s when I find all these different ways to reach that place of joy. When I first started performing, you know, years ago, I would play by myself because I hadn’t had a band yet and I wanted to stay close to that feeling as well, to retain those skills to be able to be by myself or just have one person or whoever’s in the audience listen to me on that stage and still get to that place of excitement and joy. To me, the solo shows feel like you’re hanging out with your friends in a room and singing along to songs that you love. It’s very personal, it’s very vulnerable, there’s a feeling of exposure, it feels more risky. And with the band, it feels like you have an army by your side, so there’s a lot of empowering confidence that comes from all the energy of everybody else there. But I felt the energy in the room, you know, was palpable, and we got to that joy zone.

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