Uniting The Human Race Through Partying And Music – Andrew Talks To The Independent

British national morning newspaper, The Independent, caught up with Andrew in London just before his three UK shows to talk about powering a house or car through the electricity of one of his live shows, the possibility of partying forever, various ways of getting a nosebleed and more! Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading here.

The Independent: So what does partying mean to you exactly?

AWK: “To me, that was the word that if there could be a word to sum up the sensation that I was trying to manifest then that would be it. Pure excitement, pure happiness, pure joy, celebration, energy, just a state of euphoria. Usually parties have been reserved for celebrating a birthday or the new year or a holiday or the weekend so you’re always in this state of gratitude and awareness about what you’re happy about, so it creates this certain mindset. And I thought, well, what about making that every single day? What if you make it about being grateful to be alive?”