Two Headed Boy Interview

Saelan, writer of the online publication, “Two Headed Boy”, recently completed an in depth interview with Andrew W.K. Here’s an excerpt:

“If anything, I hope the experience of listening to this [Close Calls With Brick Walls] album makes people feel like anything is possible, or gives them a big jolt of possibility. Even if they didn’t like it, maybe they could feel that anything is still possible. It’s just that sensation of possibility which is, again, the definition of a human. As some could say, it’s the limitless possibility, due to our own ability to be self-aware — not that other animals might not have this — but as far as we’re aware at this point, humans are able to think, and then think about what they’re thinking about, which creates that Moebius strip, the loop, and then reflects infinitely, and points towards infinite intelligence. So, thinking on those terms and then making this music, it’s continued to be a major contradiction, where I’ll think, ‘These very ideas that we’re talking about now, are these supposed to be expressed literally in the music or is it implied just in the spirit of the sound of the song, or is it implied even just in the spirit that someone made the song?'”

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