TV: Glenn Beck Wants More Andrew

Since reading his weekly party advice column in the Village Voice, Glenn Beck has become an unexpected fan of Andrew’s writing and party philosophy and had him on his show back in August. Mr. Beck then invited Andrew to Dallas and flew him down to be an in-person guest for a more in-depth interview.

Andrew’s interview aired on the Glenn Beck Program on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 5:00pm on The Blaze channel.

Mr. Beck spent the full hour of his television program with Andrew, telling his audience he believes the man is “one of the more important voices to unite America.” “Instead of building a wall, which almost everybody is doing now, here’s a guy trying to take the wall down just one brick at a time,” Beck said.

During the full hour interview, Mr. Beck asked Andrew to do something a little different – play piano. But it wasn’t just any piano, it was a piano recovered from the uprising in the Ukraine. Watch the video above and get more on the story HERE.

While in Dallas, Andrew tried to make a guest appearance on Dana Loesch‘s show, “Dana,” right after the Glenn Beck Program but couldn’t because of time contraints. Andrew and Dana are working on bringing him back sometime soon.