Totally Stupid: In-Depth Song Analysis

Do you love Andrew’s music? There is a reason why, and we have a treat for you! It’s a section by section analysis of Andrew’s stupidest party song, “Totally Stupid”, from Andrew’s second album, “THE WOLF“.

Read it here: #3:Totally Stupid, by Grant Valdes.

Check out some more commentary at the A.W.K. Message Board.

“Religious undertones:

This piece gains effectiveness through its almost subliminal resemblance to a Christian service.

Both organ and a choir feature prominently. The secondary vocals resemble a choir more than a mere grouping of overdubs by means of a distant production style suggestive of a cathedral setting (heavy reverb; little stereo separation), the presence of both men and women, and the way the vocals interact with the lead vocal part.”

Read Grant Valdes’s full breakdown HERE!