The Vinyl District Goes On A First Date With Aleister X

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Providing your daily indie record store fix, The Vinyl District gets the low-down from Aleister X in their “First Date” series, where artists and musicians are invited to talk about their first ever experiences with vinyl records and music in general. Enjoy the full article below or by clicking here.

“My mother had a great eclectic record collection along with a powerful hi-fi system. She had a Technics 1200, big-ass Marantz receiver/amp, and massive Advent speakers. She used to blast everything from Willie Nelson to Black Sabbath. She had a great ear, and like to spend a little more for “chrome” cassettes, and special “half-speed mastered” audiophile edition LPs when available.”

“My first record player was a monophonic Wildcat, and mother bought me Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Cheech And Chong, George Carlin, real old-time radio play comps, and sound effects records. I was 10. I got a Panasonic stereo with Thruster speakers for my 13th birthday.

I remember when record shops sold bongs, bowls, rolling papers, and used Levis jeans. They were called, “head shops,” and really scary. All the older kids would hassle us and beat on us, make us do drugs in the back. But it wasn’t all bad. I lost my virginity in the back room of a record/head shop called, Wicked Wicks. I was 12, she was 17. Some older kids made me do it at BB gun point. That big girl banged me into manhood on a bed of Grateful Dead albums, while a gang of high school motor head dudes cheered on. They made me huff rush, too.

We also bought records at a department store that doesn’t exist anymore. I remember buying Molly Hatchet and The Clash at the same time and the girl at the counter just freaked out. She couldn’t believe anybody would buy both at the same time. She nearly wouldn’t sell them to me. It was a real small town mentality.

To me, everything about vinyl records (esp 12” format) is shrouded in deep power, real mystery, and awesome potential. They contain and transmit vibes that no other media can. Real darkness to true joy rooted in and conveyed through actual physical vibrations.

Maybe it’s my memories making me feel that way but, try rolling a joint on your iPod. I don’t think so.”

Aleister X

The official debut full-length Aleister X album, Half-Speed Mastered on Steev Mike and Nod And Smile Records is on store shelves now.

Get the new Aleister X album on iTunes and Amazon