The Pittsburgh Penguins Party Hard

Penguins Party Hard in Support of Fan Movement | By Mike Necciai | The Hockey Writers

What does it mean to party hard? For the Pittsburgh Penguins faithful it means watching their team tickle the twine, followed by Andrew W.K. blasting from the Consol Energy Center speakers. See, just a short time ago the Penguins lacked an identity when it came to a goal song. It was always the same generic, jock jam songs that you’ll hear in every arena in sports. That was until one fan decided that he’d attempt something that has never been accomplished before to my knowledge. He started what could be considered a Twitter revolution among Penguins’ fans and after realizing how persistent everyone was, the team obliged. So, who started all of this ruckus?

The voice of this movement can be found on Twitter at @psamp. You can also find his work at, a fan blog covering a wide variety of Pittsburgh sports. And, in order to share this story with the masses I had to ask him specifically, what sparked the idea of “Party Hard” becoming the new goal song in Pittsburgh?

“Superficially, I was tired of the Penguins’ continued use of inoffensive, basic worn-out jock jams as their goal song. With social media, teams have been able to show more and more personality. So while teams have used technology to advance how they’re perceived, it seemed counter-productive to keep trotting out the same media and jumbotron clips of the same cache of goal songs over and over. We’ve been beaten down by Kernkraft 400, or Song 2, or Rock & Roll Pt. 2, or Seven Nation Army, or any of those types. And in my mind it was only a matter of time until some team somewhere used Party Hard…it’s perfect. Sports arena music needed a makeover.”

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