The NME Gives A Full Report On Andrew’s Drumming Marathon

Andrew W.K. Completes Arm-Busting 24-Hour Drumming Marathon

On June 20, Andrew W.K. finished a 24-hour drumming marathon in New York’s Times Square, making him the holder of the dubious-sounding record for ‘longest drum session in a retail store.’

The ‘Party Til You Puke’ hitmaker suffered few ill effects from the challenge but said his “sense of timeline began to get very distorted.” “I’ve had people tell me different events I have no recollection of,” he told NME on the phone as he packed his bags for a gig in Michigan. “And instead of my ears being blown out, my hearing – the detail – actually seemed to improve. I remember, at certain points, starting to think about the nature of drumming at a very philosophical level.”

The feat was performed to coincide with the O Music Awards, but from Andrew’s point of view it was “just for fun.” But it’s improved his drumming skills, too: “It was like doing 10 years’ worth of drum lessons in one day. Recommended!”

24 Hours of W.K. Power

Hour 0
“I sat down at 7pm local time with a cold resolve to get through it. I had told myself I would – that was all that mattered.”

Hour 1
“The first guest drummer to join me on the kit was Questlove from The Roots – he was a calming and energizing presence.:

Hour 5
“Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was my latest guest. He played the triangle.”

Hour 12
“At 7am, the sun was rising. It was great to be halfway there and I felt a new hopefulness. My back was killing me.”

Hour 17
“With seven hours left, I suddenly felt very close. There was a buzz in the location. But suddenly the number seven sounded really huge.”

Hour 18
“I started to have an out-of-body experience. I was watching myself drum. Weird.”

Hour 20
“I realized I hadn’t been to the bathroom since the challenge started.”

Hour 22
“Chad Smith [of Red Hot Chili Peppers] was the last guest drummer. The hour he was there was the hardest I drummed.”

Hour 24
“When it was over, I could barely move. The fact that is started and finished at 7pm made it feel surreally like it was all one day.”