The House That Party Built

Building the perfect party house! Andrew sat down with NiteTables for an indepth Q&A about the concert hall and dance club he opened with his friends in New York City, called Santos Party House. Here’s a tidbit of the interview:

You opened the doors in 2008. How does Santos stand apart from other New York clubs?

Santos is a brand-new venue; we didn’t move into some existing place. We built the place from scratch. It’s the first brand-new club in downtown Manhattan on this scale in at least 20 years. [Yet] people can trust in what we offer them, which is consistency: the best sound, the best light, and a very positive, loving atmosphere to enjoy yourself in. There’s not a lot of exclusivity or brow-beating that goes on at the door. It’s come-one, come-all. That, for us owners, is what appealed to us about New York. It’s that shared interest and enthusiasm that it takes to be in New York at all, and to all get along and to survive here, that we wanted to capture and to celebrate.

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