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Andrew W.K.: join the party. | The Guardian

As told to Gwilym Mumford

Our two-party system is broken. I’ve always said that if there’s a force that is destroying the world, it’s the belief of one side that the other side is the one doing the destroying. The complexities of the human experience can’t be summed up this binary, “us v them” way. We have to find a way to transcend that. We have to face up to the elemental truth that we’re all in this together, whether we like it or not.

Over the years people have called on me to contribute to the political atmosphere. I never felt the timing was exactly right, until about a month ago, when we began to work in earnest on a new project: a political party where partying is first and politics is last.

I talked to some people closely related to politics, some of whom were encouraging, and some of whom were … less encouraging. It was evident to me that, although I may not have a lot to contribute to politics itself, I may have something to contribute to the party aspect of politics. That was exciting to me, so I called up some friends of mine at Playboy magazine and see if they would help me produce a video, get a website together and more or less be my partners in presenting this to the rest of the country, especially when it came to the bureaucratic side: the paperwork, the research, the filing process. That was very daunting and still is! Once we launched it I didn’t know what to expect, but the response from the public has been thrilling. I’m in a daze, but a wonderful daze.

We still have a lot of work to do if we want to get on the ballot for the US election. The number of people who have put their names to this cause has given us enough to get the paperwork rolling. But as far as getting the party established as a federally recognised national political organisation, we have an extraordinarily long way to go. It is still largely out of our hands. It’s up to the US department of state and to tell you the truth I’ve not had a very good relationship with them in the past.

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