Surprise NYC Party Success

The MisShapes recently invited Andrew W.K. to be their special guest, and to perform at their party. It all took place on Feb. 17th, 2007, at Don Hill’s in New York City. What a party hard night of fun!

Andrew presented a special solo performance and jammed a new tune for the long party night! The party people came prepared to do whatever they wanted to do – they came prepared to dance with the crew – they came prepared to come!

Photographs from the night, coming soon!

From Andrew: “Wow! What a night – holey smokes, I’m reeling and rolling! Thank you VERY much to everyone who came to the party, and thank you for singing, dancing, and giving me so many reasons for pure joy and total love. This was the first time I’ve played by myself, since I first played in New York City 9 years ago. What a rush! I owe you one, New York!”

– Andrew W.K.

Go HERE for more details and go to The MisShapes site for more information.