Super Deep Dual Feature With Andrew And His Beautiful Cherie

Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily recently gave Me In My Place an exclusive interview while taking them on a personal tour of Andrew’s New York City Night Club, Santos Party House. During the afternoon interview they discuss sex etiquette, their love story, and of course, partying! MIMP also premiered an “Exclusive Bedroom Web Cam” music video for Cherie Lily’s “Body” produced by Vjuan Allure. The video is from her recent “Dripping Wet EP,” and in collaboration with MIMP’s “Dance Off” section. Enjoy and excerpt from the interview below and continue reading HERE.

Between their workout dates, concerts, and exceptionally active lifestyle, these two sweat a lot. With her eccentric personality and style (not to mention flexibility and that leather ensemble) I wouldn’t mind smelling Cherie’s party myself, so Andrew better appreciate Cherie’s or else I’ll step in and do it myself. It’s obvious that Andrew is not someone who showers everyday, so I get how intimate wipes could come in handy, but just to make sure he’s down with unwashed lady parts, I ask how he feels about body odor.

“Cherie and I have been very lucky in that we don’t really smell each other. Other people might think we smell terrible, but I think we’ve been together long enough we just don’t notice it. Cherie smells like home.”

He gazes at her lovingly. “You smell like cozy.”

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