Sundogs A.W.K. Theme Song

Arizona has a new hockey team, The Sundogs, and they asked Andrew W.K. to write a new version of “Fun Night”, for the team’s theme song. Here’s what Andrew had to say:

“I’ve been a hockey fan for many years, especially growing up in Michigan with the Detroit Red Wings. And while I’ve never played the sport myself, I’ve had plenty of friends who played the game passionately. Hockey always created a particular kind of excitement – I think it’s the iced air and the cold environment – I’ve always loved winter. That’s why when I was asked to record the theme song for a new Arizona hockey team, I was really thrilled. I thought, ‘Hockey in Arizona? Wow, cool!'”

“I spoke with a nice man named Marty who was in charge of this new team, and he told me the name of the team was THE SUNDOGS. Then he told me that the team slogan is, ‘It Just Got Hotter!’ The hottest concert I ever played was an outdoor show in Arizona – it was 125 degress and I couldn’t have felt any higher. When it comes to my songs, I’ve always hoped this music would be appropriate for the energy and emotional rush of live sports, but actually having my music as the Sundog’s main theme song is special honor. Marty told me that he wanted me to record a new version of my song, ‘Fun Night’ (from my first album, ‘I Get Wet’), and change all the words to, ‘Sundogs! Sundogs! Sundogs! Sundogs! It Just Got Hotter!’ There’s even a part in the second verse where I sing, ‘Won’t Go Away, ‘Cause We’re In AZ To Stay!’ That’s my favorite new lyric in the song.”

“I’m on cloud nine about being a part of the new Sundogs family, and I love having the opportunity to entirely change one of my songs around and make it feel new all over again. I want to thank everyone involved for giving me this opportunity. I hope when people hear the new Sundogs theme playing, they’ll think of me cheering along, side by side, all the way, and really enjoying it all.”

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Click HERE to listen to the theme song, “Sundogs (It Just Got Hotter)” by Andrew W.K. Based on the song, “Fun Night” from the album “I Get Wet”.