Submit To A.W.K. Archive

Now users may submit their own A.W.K. materials to the official Andrew W.K. Archive, To be considered for inclusion, please send an email to, and explain what you’d like to contribute.

Friends are encouraged to send all Andrew W.K. related photographs, artwork, press clippings, videos, audio recordings (bootlegs encouraged), and online links. In addition, users are encouraged to submit their own A.W.K. related writings.

A.W.K. Archive is home to an ever growing collections of lyrics, press, photos, videos, writing, and more, it’s the biggest Andrew W.K. database on the Internet!

Andrew says: “I want to personally thank everyone who’s already contributed to this ongoing experience – it’s a feeling we’ve all made together. The more we’ve put in to it, the more it’s given back. Words cannot express my gratitude – the pleasurable sensation is the best form of thanks I can provide.”