Special In-Depth Interview With Cherie Lily!

The Upcoming catches up with Cherie Lily at London’s HMV Forum before she’s set to perform with husband, Andrew W.K., on his “I Get Wet” 10th Anniversary Tour. In this very special interview, Cherie talks “houserobics,” the genre spawned by two of her favorite things – music and fitness, team effort and feeling good, her next single, “Dripping Wet,” and more!

Talking of looking and feeling good, let’s talk about “houserobics” which you created.

It all stems from wanting to feel good and I feel good when I work out. I feel great! I started working out in school and after that I moved into group fitness. I love their atmosphere, the way they change your life and how you can draw inspiration from the team effort of those participating. My passion for it led me into teaching and you know, the one thing I noticed – bear in mind I was in punk rock bands – there was no rock music involved in group fitness. It was all Hi-NRG dance music; no vocals, but the music worked for the purpose of working out and it was here I began to develop this other side of me, the dance music artist! In part it was because I wanted to create the music that I wanted to hear when I was working out, non-cheesy music that still inspired the listener to keep pushing towards their goals. It was actually Andrew’s idea to fuse my two passions of music and fitness and I guess the rest is history… houserobics was born!

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