Special Canadian Podcast Interview With Andrew

Andrew joins Sam Sutherland of End Hits for a party podcast where he reminisces about Valentine’s Day, the Subhumans, and then further muddies the conspiracies that surround him! Enjoy the podcast below or LISTEN HERE.

“Our eighth episode of End Hits brings King of Partying, motivational speaker, and Cartoon Network host Andrew W.K. to our dining table, in an abridged episode that delves right into the Real Shit. Namely, does he hide mystic symbols in his records, and who is responsible for the career of Andrew W.K.? What or who is Steev Mike? How does Andrew himself handle the conspiracy theories that swirl around him? Maybe most importantly, can you help us recall the verse melody to the Subhumans’ ‘Oh Canaduh?'”

End Hits is a weekly podcast hosted by Sam Sutherland, featuring interviews with musicians and musician-types from a dining table in Toronto.