Skrillex And Andrew Rage At LA Election Day Party

Andrew played a very special solo set at the Check Yo Ponytail 2 year anniversary celebration at L.A.’s Echoplex on Election Night. Rumors that Andrew would be bringing out an extra special guest were swirling around prior to the show. The inspirational shaman of partying confirmed a few hours before doors that Skrillex would be joining him! Cherie Lily and Aleister X also performed during the evening! Enjoy an excerpt of the Death + Taxes review below and check out the links for more coverage of the spectacular evening!

Here’s an excerpt from a live review from Death and Taxes magazine:

“And then the magic started. Andrew W.K. came on stage to uproarious applause, and from what I can glean, the first instance of a supernatural phenomenon called “complete crowd transformation” occurred. Party-Aliens sent mechanical arms into the crowd and removed every over-sized hat and $800 leather jacket, and swiftly replaced them with grinning middle-aged men and riotgrrrrl Punky Brewsters. It was beautiful. Fists were being pumped, bodies were pogoing, crowds were curling gnarley waves. W.K.’s “just have a good time” attitude is contagious as fuck and it seemed to wash over every person in the venue and take hold of them. On paper, there is almost something silly about a grown man singing multiple songs about partying and searching for ultimate fun. But in the church of W.K. it made complete sense. I had my hands up in the air like a Protestant trying to touch the heavens.”

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