Review of Professor Andrew W.K.’s Partying 101 College Course

It might seem difficult to pack two classrooms to the brim with eager students for a non-credit course, but when that class is “Partying 101: The Complete Introduction to the Science of Partying” with Professor Andrew W.K., the word “lecture” takes on a whole new meaning.

Appearing at Luzerne County Community College on Sept. 27, Mr. Wilkes-Krier admitted that he didn’t go to college himself, but that didn’t stop him from achieving a memorable career as a singer/songwriter, producer, and motivational speaker, best known for his celebratory 2001 anthem “Party Hard,” which doubles as a lifestyle for the professional partier.

“The most important thing about partying is to do it,” he began. “That’s also the easiest thing about it. Partying is easy, and even partying hard is easy. The hard part when it comes to partying is to basically be able to follow your true path.”

That path is in finding your own personal reason to party, which for W.K. is simply being alive.

“I’m grateful to be alive, and that, I think, gives me the reason and the right to party every single day,” he told the crowd of over 200 fans as he wrote his lesson on a marker board. “It’s a state of mind as much as it is an activity. It’s an ever-shifting group of skills that you develop, and it helps you look at the world in a way that’s more fun. The main part of partying is joy.”

And while the hard rocker, wearing sunglasses throughout the lecture and dressed in a dirty white t-shirt, matching jeans, and neon green sneakers, kept his tongue firmly planted in cheek as he shared his tools and tips for partying, Andrew also made a serious pitch for SnipStamp. The mobile app is set to be launched next week by 2009 LCCC alumnus Gerard Durling of Pittston and his friend Jeremy Romani of Wilkes-Barre.

Free T-shirts in hand, the pair of young entrepreneurs brought W.K. to the college to draw people in to “the happy hour of social networking,” a free nightlife app for Android and iPhone that allows its users to check-in to various participating locations. They also teamed up with the singer, who announced that he was in the process of recording a new album, for a contest where students can win $10,000 towards their school tuition simply for throwing a party.

“It’s almost like the age of partying. We went through the Industrial Revolution, now we’re in this information or entertainment age, and it all facilitates, again, more human joy, more hanging out, even if it’s using a cybernetic connection,” W.K. added.

The floor was then opened up for questions, during which the long-haired New Yorker addressed a variety of aspects of partying.

On his partying origins: “I was born. My parents created me almost from scratch, and then I started to play piano, piano lessons, so that got me into the music thing around age 5. Then I got into drawing and paintings and performing and realized there’s a business called show business where you get to do all these things, but I just put a partying spin on it.”

On lifting fans on his shoulders: “I once lifted (heavyweight boxer) Butterbean…It felt like I was pushing up against a boulder, and then I actually did get him up. That’s when I felt my spine beginning to go and fluid was beginning to seep out of my spine and actually out of my pores. I thought it was sweat at first, but it actually was spinal fluid.”

On finding time to party between class, work, and sleep: “Give one of those things up.”

On September 27th, 2012, Andrew held a course at Luzerne County Community College with SnipStamp titled “Partying 101: The Complete Introduction to the Science of Partying.” It was a rare chance for students to learn from the king of partying himself and also get details on SnipStamp’s College Contest in which students can win $10,000 towards their school tuition for throwing the BEST college party in the country.