Review of Cherie Lily’s Dripping Wet EP

Taking Over The Universe‘s full review of Cherie Lily‘s debut album “The Dripping Wet EP” is below. Enjoy!

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It’s been too long since I’ve seen Cherie Lily around the TOTU block. This fitness guru turned pop star (and did I mention she’s married to THE Andrew W.K. ?) released a hot single last year called “Dripping Wet”, driving me crazy with it’s sexy video. Now, after an extended absence from my radar, she is back with a steamy new EP. Get into “The Dripping Wet EP.”

The EP opens up with the newest song she has been pushing, “Kiss My Lips”. The song dancefloor calling, no remixes necessary. This one is full of sexual tension, calling out to that guy, doing all she can to get him all hot and bothered. It’s an interesting take to hear about the woman lusting after the man she can’t seem to get as opposed to the man going after the woman. The song itself isn’t the strongest of the collection, but it does stand out from the crowd, giving it a mixed to positive position in my book.

“Do Your Thing Girl” is another track that is being fleshed out, complete with two remixes tacked on towards the end of the EP. I like this song much more than the one before, as she branches into Ke$ha territory with a bit of sing-rapping. This is probably the strongest track on the album. In contrast, “Lotion” felt the most out of place. This R&B flavored song sounded like an old-school PCD track, bringing the seemingly non-stop party to a halt. I know I complain about people being too samey, but Cherie’s beat stomping party anthems are just so addicting, that this track made things feel a bit too slow.

Luckily, directly after “Lotion”, the song “Total Body Workout” brings the energy level right back up, blurring the line between the meaning of “workout”. Half the time she takes it literally, but it often leans into sexual references making this one of the more tongue and cheek songs I’ve heard from an artist in a while. The song also makes much more sense when you are informed that she is a fitness expert, and has pioneered her own style of workout called “Houserobics”. Fitting, no?

The clear winner for best song here is the title track. “Dripping Wet” is so sexually, energetically, and mentally charged, and puts her on whole different level from her first single “Werk” (which is also included as a track on this release). Whereas “Work” was a fun song, “Dripping Wet” not only sounds better production wise, but vocally in her confidence and ability.

An interesting inclusion on the end of the EP are the A Capella versions of three songs — “Body”, “Dripping Wet” and “Werk” — which one can only assume is for those who wish to make their own remixes. This idea should be picked up by more artists, seeing as some songs can take ages to track down an a capella version to do mixing with. Now, with a little promotion, she can have tons of remixes at no cost to her. Genius move, I’d say.

What I love the most about this entire work is that it is true to Cherie. She is a very sexy and sexual person, and sex is exactly what pours out of each and every track. Her music isn’t for everyone, I’m sure she knows this, but she stuck to what she is and what she wanted. The sex appeal is there, the workout themes are there, and the party is there. These pieces are what come together to for “The Dripping Wet EP”.

Grab your copy of this 13 track EP on iTunes for only $5.99. Can’t be that price.