REVIEW: Andrew Parties In Seattle

Live Review: Andrew W.K. at Barboza 6/29/15 | KEXP

Andrew W.K. is a brilliant capitalist. Need proof? Here’s one: he’s still a cultural zeitgeist even now in 2015. Generations have come to Andrew through a stunning variety of mediums. You may know him from his now-classic 2001 party soundtrack to end all party soundtracks I Get Wet, or from his contemplative Village Voice column “Ask Andrew W.K.” in which he has taken questions regarding the existence of religion, what to do with suicidal thoughts, how to deal with bigots, and other easy topics. Or, perhaps you know him from his goofy MTV classic Andrew W.K. is My Friend, or from his brand new (and highly popular) podcast about American politics and social tendencies America W.K.. He has starred in B-rate slasher movies. He has a show lined up on Glenn Beck’s television network. He toured last year with Marky Ramone. He provided narrative for the 2009 Gundam TV series. The list of bizarre dualities goes on. But it all started with I Get Wet. The Y2K-primed collection of 12 jock jam-esque party rock killers has forced the attention of thousands over the years, from the critical pannings to the glossy eyed remembrances, there is practically no one that goes completely unaffected by the work of Andrew W.K. Thus, in 2015, it is a strange gift to witness the man stripped of all his mystery, and given only his keyboard and his mantra to both entertain and amaze. Following the wild popularity of 2013’s The Party Messiah tour, Andrew W.K. embarks this week on another solo piano tour, kicking things off at the Barboza. With support from The Fabulous Downey Brothers, Andrew W.K. kept the party going for another round, proving that in addition to being a brilliant capitalist, he has stayed a brilliant human being, and in accordance with his own teaching, has never stopped living in the red.

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Photos by Dave Lichterman