REVIEW: Andrew Parties At Download Festival

Download 2015: Andrew W.K. | Metal Hammer | By Stephen Hill

“This song is about partying!” beams Andrew W.K. from his piano. No shit, mate. That only narrows it down to, ooh… your entire back catalogue.

If there’s one man who can surely lift the gloom around this mud and rain-soaked festival, then it’s surely the most positive man in rock. And miraculously, thanks to everything happening onstage (and off) – and the constant feeling of euphoria throughout his 50 minute set – it’s pretty easy to ignore the grim surroundings and get into the party atmosphere.

Even before he arrives, the jam-packed tent is screaming ‘Party! Party!’ like a particularly pissed-up football crowd, and when W.K. finally does bound onstage after an elongated build-up from his band, to erupt into It’s Time To Party, the place goes every shade of balls-out crazy.

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Photos by Leigh van der Byl