PREVIEW: South Dakota Gets Ready to Party with Andrew

World Needs Andrew W.K. Now More than Ever | Argus Leader | By Scott Hudson

Is there anybody in this country who’s not sick of politics? Do you find yourself staying away from Facebook and Twitter just so you don’t have to endure the memes, illogical commentary and phony news stories your crazy uncle believes to be 100 percent factual?

It’s a sad state that we’re in right now, which is why the world needs Andrew W.K. This piano-playing crazy rocker, known for songs such as “Party Hard” and “We Want Fun,” would have my vote in a heartbeat. His platform is simple: Let’s unite through partying. Who wouldn’t like that? We’d be transforming the raised fist from a protest to a unifying rally cry for people of all political persuasions.

Andrew is in the midst of spreading this word on his “The Power of Partying” lecture tour, which sees him hitting all 50 states for the first time in his career. “It’s a pep rally for the human spirits,” he says.

Argus Leader: I don’t think many people realize that you were raised on classical piano. What was your true first love in music?

Andrew W.K.: That was my first musical instrument. I took piano lessons from around age 5 until about age 13, and I played in the high school jazz band on piano. I actually took some lessons again more recently. They were really traditional piano lessons where you often study classical pieces and things like that. But it’s not like I’m Liberace or anything, but at the same time I was learning how to read books in the English language, I was learning how to play piano. For as long as I can remember, that’s been a part of my life.

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