PREVIEW: North Carolina Gets Ready to Party with Andrew

The News & Observer and Indy Week preview Andrew’s motivational speaking tour, The Power of Partying, ahead of his Cleveland, Ohio stop at Capitol Theatre on November 14th.

Enjoy excerpts below and click HERE and HERE respectively to read the full interviews.

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Party Tip: Don’t Miss Andrew W.K.’s Talk on Election Day | The News & Observer

Andrew W.K. is a force of positivity.

Throughout his career as a rock musician and as an inspirational writer, speaker and overall guru, W.K. (real name: Wilkes-Krier) has dedicated his attention and efforts to partying as hard as possible and as often as possible. The kind of partying he’s talking about doesn’t involve drugs or drinking, though. To him, it’s a term that covers a lot of ground: optimism, self-affirmation and the hard work of making the best of life. From his own struggles with depression, he knows this isn’t easy – it isn’t even easy to him – but he won’t give up.

“I am trying to continue my ongoing mission, I suppose, which is to make the best of things, including this chance to be alive,” W.K. says.

Tuesday, W.K. brings his “Power of Partying” speaking tour to the Carrboro ArtsCenter. These evenings aren’t designed to be teaching or learning experiences, he explains, but are more like pep rallies. It’s an unscripted evening that starts with his own distinctive version of motivational speaking. He speaks for a bit about the power of partying before opening up the floor. These events can last four or five hours, he explains – as long as people want to talk, he’ll stick around.

W.K.’s contributed weekly advice columns to the Village Voice, which recently moved to Vice, are where he addresses straightforward topics like pressure, Autumn and bread. He can also be found on Twitter, where he tweets regular affirmations in the form of “party tips.”

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Party Lines: Andrew W.K. Pushes Positivity in Carrboro on Election Night | By Spencer Griffith

Those who haven’t kept up with Andrew W.K. since his 2001 debut album, I Get Wet—recognizable as much for his bloody-faced cover photo as for raucous singles like “Party Hard” and “She Is Beautiful”—may be surprised with the twists his career has taken in the last fifteen years beyond those high-energy mash-ups of hair metal, pop, and hard rock. With his efforts always directed by what W.K. refers to as “the party gods,” the energetic entertainer has hosted TV shows, delivered lectures, appeared in video games, penned advice columns, launched a radio show, drummed for twenty-four consecutive hours, opened a nightclub, started a political party, and recorded a solo piano album. Referring to himself as a “professional partier,” W.K. will hit North Carolina on election night, around two-thirds of the way through his fifty-state speaking tour dubbed “The Power of Partying.” He’ll let the party gods steer him as he tries to foster an increase in positive vibes in Carrboro.

INDY: What makes this “Power of Partying” tour different from other speaking engagements and motivational writing you’ve done in the past?

ANDREW W.K.: I’ve never really done a full-blown motivational speaking tour before—I’ve just done one-off events—so getting to present a speech every night and hopefully develop it and improve upon it, that’s been new. This is the first time I’ve ever done so many events in a row, back-to-back, but the theme is the same. I’m always trying to get better at hitting my bull’s-eye, and the bull’s-eye is trying to conjure up and amplify a type of celebratory energy and excitement and optimism about life.

So are you working off a framework as you revisit this theme every night and develop your speech?

No, every night is totally different. I don’t have any notes or anything like that. I don’t work with a script or anything prepared. It’s quite open in that regard. There’s a lot of interaction with the audience in the room, so there’s a great deal of discussion, which is my favorite part of the event. In that regard, I think leaving a lot of it up to chance is definitely scary in one way, but also very thrilling.

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