PREVIEW: New Year’s Eve with Andrew W.K. and His Band

Andrew W.K. Promises “Wet” Hot Time at Paradise | By Pat Healy | Boston Globe

When Andrew W.K. began trying to book a New Year’s Eve show earlier this year, he had difficulty finding a venue.

“Most places that we approached, hoping to play, were primarily looking for DJs,” says W.K. (it stands for Wilkes-Krier, his last name).

His gig at the Paradise next Thursday — understandably sold out — is decidedly a full-on rock show, but W.K. does in fact have experience DJing. In fact, he has experience with multiple professions. Titles he could put on his résumé, if he ever needed to put one together, include singer, motivational speaker, club owner, advice columnist, and, most recently, talk radio host.

On a recent episode of his radio show, “America W.K.” on TheBlaze network (which is run by Glenn Beck, by the way), W.K. referred to himself as a professional partier, which aptly summarizes all of his seemingly disparate duties.

So why would somebody who refers to himself as a professional partier be so keen on bringing a rock show to the stage on a holiday that any barfly worth his or her booze will snobbishly refer to as amateur night?

“There’s a ‘reset’ to the transition feeling at the end of the year that has this almost mystical power,” he says.

Much of what W.K. says sounds like he himself is in possession of mystical powers and uses a tone of reverence that is usually reserved for religious rituals. In a way, that’s exactly what New Year’s Eve is to him.

“It’s almost so much excitement that it’s like dread in reverse — a palpable anticipation that is in one way kind of scary, but also very thrilling, like going up a roller coaster hill,” he says.

But doing New Year’s Eve shows is a relatively new tradition for W.K., who only started to book gigs for the last night of the year in 2013.

“It had just never occurred to me that New Year’s Eve was any more special than any other night for us to play,” he says. “I mean, every show we play ideally will feel like New Year’s Eve anyway, in terms of ultimate party atmosphere.”

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