PREVIEW: Corpus Christi, TX Gets Ready to Party with Andrew

Andrew W.K. brings the party to House of Rock | Caller Times | Julia Arredondo

CORPUS CHRISTI – Bombarding House of Rock with positive party energy, the eternal partier Andrew W.K. visits Corpus Christi on Friday night.

A rock and roll force to be reckoned with, Andrew W.K. has made a career performing original songs including “Party Hard” and “Party Til You Puke” to audiences of high energy fans around the world. A rock star turned motivational speaker, the performer is a multifaceted personality still maintaining his ability to rock a crowd while spreading messages of positivity, health and happiness.

Prepare for a full night of live music ranging from hard rock to 8-bit dance tunes as local hero, IAYD, opens the show along with Of Montreal offshoot, Yip Deceiver.

Andrew W.K., whose full name is Andrew Wilkes-Krier, will go solo this time around and be equipped only with his keyboard.

“I enjoy performing both this style show as well as with the full band,” Wilkes-Krier said. “Both conjure the power of the spirit and the feeling of being with a group of friends and singing along to songs that make you giddy. With the solo shows, I’m in complete control and there are more moments of spontaneous playing. I’m trying to keep the feeling inclusive at its best.”

He takes traditional approaches to hard rock while infusing his shows with messages of positivity.

“When I started doing this music, I was trying to cheer myself up. I started making this music for my own personal need for positivity, and that’s the style I chose to work in and what I became,” he said. “If I’m able to give people those good feelings that are important to me, I feel I’m offering something useful to the audience.”

Keeping his audience’s well-being in mind, he also offered a bit of advice to fans hoping to catch the show.

“I recommend stretching of the calf muscles,” Wilkes-Krier explained. “Even if you’re not going to be too active, you can experience tissue soreness even from toe tapping. I advise some form of hydration as there is a need to intake water in order to sweat it out. Also eat some sodium; maybe some popcorn or potato chips in order to keep some of the water in.”


What: Andrew W.K., Yip Deceiver and IAYD
Where: House of Rock, 511 Starr St.
When: 9 p.m. Friday
Cost: $25

Information: 882-7625 or visit