PREVIEW: Andrew Returns to Indiana with His Full Band

A Chat with Andrew W.K. | The Campus Citizen

The ultimate party master, Andrew W.K., is bringing the rave to Fountain Square Musical Festival on March 26.

Most famously connected to Indiana by his appearances with the legendary Lil Bub on Animal Planet’s music video “Star Party Animal,” W.K. and his whole band will head back to Indianapolis for the first time in almost three years.

W.K. talks about playing the festival, working with Alice Cooper on HBO’s “Vinyl,” and giving advice for following the party gods.

The Campus Citizen caught up with Andrew W.K. during a phone interview before the Fountain Square Music Festival later this month.

What made you decided to play at the Fountain Square Music Festival [FSMF]? Is it because of your connections with Lil Bub who will also be appearing?

Andrew W.K.: They actually reached out to me. I don’t actually know if that’s what made them ask us to play. But that’s certainly possible. You know, because of Lil Bub’s home state connections. I’ve been very fortunate to work with Lil Bub several times. All I know is that they asked us and we’re very excited and said yes without having to think about it.

When did you first start working with her? How did that relationship blossom?

A.W.K.:I first worked with her for a holiday video that I taped several years ago and I heard of Lil Bub – the first time I met her was at that taping and we filmed a special holiday greeting and also asked for people to support their local animal shelters and as well as considering adopting a pet if you were looking to get a pet. Go to a shelter and also get you pet spayed and neutered if you can and just general good will towards pets. And it was a privilege to work with her on that video and I enjoyed meeting her dude, a gentleman named Mike. And then a short time after that Mike and Lil Bub invited me to participate in their Animal Planet TV special and that was a great pleasure. I got to be part of the show and make a song with them. I was asked to write the foreword to Lil Bub’s first ever full-length album. Yeah, I’ve just been popping up in her world for quite sometime now and it’s always a great experience and I’m very thankful to be asked so many times to work with her.

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