PODCAST: Andrew Talks Positivity And Much More

Andrew has been friends with a man named Kevin Gill for many years. They first met out in the streets of New York City and quickly hit it off over their shared love of positive mental attitudes. Mr. Gill is also heavily involved with wrestling and the Insane Clown Posse, which only deepened Andrew’s friendship and working relationship with him.

Mr. Gill recently launched his own positive podcast, and one of his first guests is Andrew. The two get in deep and discuss a diverse array of topics including the importance of living life to the fullest, being the ring announcer for Backyard Wrestling, the video game Hitman 2, pinball machines, Pat Lawlor, Fun House, setting world records, the importance of positivity, the true meaning of partying, his history of epic performances in San Francisco, The Gathering Of The Juggalos, Andrew’s upcoming book “The Party Bible”, and the uncertainty Andrew faced during his early days in music.

Listen to the full podcast below or by clicking HERE. Andrew joins the podcast at the 8:10 mark.

The Kevin Gill Show is your PMA Power Hour! Each weekly episode contains interviews and insights from people who are POSITIVE, people who are MENTAL, and people who have ATTITUDE. Positive, interesting, and successful personalities from across the diverse Video Game, Pro Wrestling, and Music Industry. Hosted by “KG” Kevin Gill an improv comedian, television personality, voice actor, and music/wrestling/video game industry veteran!