Pitchfork Re-Reviews “I GET WET” And Improves Their Rating By Over 1,400%

What a difference a decade makes! When “I GET WET” was first released in 2002, Pitchfork’s founder, Ryan Schreiber gave it a .6 out of 10 rating (you read that right… POINT SIX), declaring in his review that it was basically one of the worst records of all time. Ten years later, Pitchfork has reviewed the album again, but this time increased their rating radically. The new review calls the “I GET WET” Special Deluxe Anniversary Edition an important and astounding album, and rated it an 8.6 out of 10 – a whopping 1,434% improvement from the original .6 score! Enjoy an excerpt below and continue reading here.

“You simply can’t divorce the sensational effect of I Get Wet from its emotional one, and the music truly is the message: “It’s Time to Party” immediately triggers I Get Wet‘s enduring effect, the same pit-in-the-stomach feeling of boarding a roller coaster, asking someone out, or looking at your bank account after a particularly brutal weekend. It’s thrilling, it’s nauseating, there’s no going back.”

Pitchfork also selected the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition as “Reissue Of The Week!”