Piano Solo Success

On January 21st, 2008 at 1:00am, Andrew gave a solo piano performance in New York City.

The show was an encore performance of his series of secret piano performances around NYC in 2007. The event was SOLD OUT and held at the venue, Pianos, in downtown Manhattan.

Andrew’s set was unlike any of his previous solo performances.
The groups Endless Boogie, Jeff Jensen, and Children also gave excellent sets.

Andrew says: “This show meant a great deal to me and I’m more grateful than ever to everyone who came out on such a cold and late night. Some kind of step was made at this show – what that means, I don’t know yet. But it feels wonderful to have taken that step with you – thank you for your time and loving kindness. I especially appreciate the people who traveled great distances to be with me that night. I love you dearly.”
Read a preview of the show in Time Out New York.