PHONE CALL RECORDING: Andrew Talks On The Telephone

In between breaks from his tour with Marky Ramone, Andrew called Nicole from Life of a Rockstar for an in-depth interview. Andrew talks about his favorite cereal, opening up for Black Sabbath, touring with Marky Ramone, his solo Party Messiah Tour, and much more! Listen to the full interview above or by clicking HERE. Andrew

Nicole gave Andrew 10 rapid-fire favorite questions and while Andrew finds choosing favorites stressful, he choose “one of his favorites” for each question.

“Reeses Puffs”

Ramone’s song
“It’s all like one big song.”


“Anything with four wheels and a full tank of gas.”

Phone App
“I guess Brick Breaker, I don’t really have any apps on my phone, it’s a Blackberry.”

Favorite venue or stage to play on other than Santos Party House
“One of my favorite venues is the 9:30 Club where we played last night.”

Fast Food Restaurant
“Taco Bell”


“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”

Party tip
“Just party!”