Paste Magazine Includes I GET WET On Their Top 20 List

Andrew’s “I Get Wet” Special Edition reissue has made Paste Magazine’s Best Reissues and Box Sets of 2012, as voted upon by their panel of staff and writers.

Andrew Wilkes-Krier’s mythical rock-‘n’-roll singularity gave our generation its Bat Out of Hell, and it blazes through much quicker. The song titles alone make reviews obsolete; there’s rarely been a truer trilogy in rock than “Party Til You Puke,” “Party Hard” and “It’s Time to Party.” Special bonus for finding the humanism in frat-party muscle rather than celebrating the brutality or whining about chicks. Pizza-shaped guitars are universal, after all.

BUY: Vinyl // CD

The “I Get Wet” Special Edition reissue can be puchased through Andrew’s Official Party Store.