Party Podcast #11: Finding Inner Strength Through Physical Pain

This week on America W.K., Andrew discusses the idea of pushing through the pain and overcoming physical adversity to accomplish great things. He proves this by bringing you his show while suffering a severe case of food poisoning. In between deep breaths and long pauses of nausea, Andrew realizes how we all take our health for granted and the importance of caring for ones physical state. He discusses the numerous times he’s performed with pain and even a broken ankle, refusing to cancel his tour and instead taking the stage in a wheel chair. He wonders if pain and illness is a punishment for past transgressions in this life or a previous one. Also, it’s unavoidable to have negative thoughts, no matter how positive you try to be, but Andrew wants you to use past tense when speaking negative thoughts. Because, when you open yourself up to negativity, even in thought, you become susceptible to it.

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