PARTY ADVICE: What Do You Do if You Suspect Cheating?

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January 8th, 2014

Dear Andrew,

I think my boyfriend may be cheating on me. I’m very close to looking through his computer to see if there are any clues. Should I or is that just THE WORST?

Help Me,


Dear Curious,

That could be getting close to the realm of the worst. The absolute worst would probably be cutting off his dick or just killing him outright without even knowing if he really was cheating or not.

When I had a hunch that a girl I was with was cheating on me, I was right. I actually never snooped around or even confronted her to find out, but just had a feeling that something about her was “off.” She eventually ended up telling me and I broke up with her immediately and was really sad and hurt. But I didn’t let myself change my ideals about trusting girlfriends…

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