“I Get Wet” 10th Anniversary Edition 2 x VINYL LP GATEFOLD (ORDER)

“I Get Wet” 10th Anniversary Edition 2 x CD – (ORDER)

“I Get Wet” 10th Anniversary Edition 2 x CD (Limited Collectors Edition) (ORDER)

* The 2 x CD version features the original “I GET WET” album, on it’s own disc. It also features a bonus disc with live tracks, rare early versions of the “I Get Wet” songs, alternate mixes and more. The package includes a deluxe 20 page full-color booklet with extensive liner notes, studio photos, and more. (ORDER HERE)

* The Limited Edition 2 x CD version (only 500 available) includes everything in the regular CD version but comes with an autographed booklet, and additionally includes either a lock of Andrew’s hair, a piece of his signature white jeans, or an autographed plane ticket from his 2012 world tour. Every Limited Edition also comes with a bloody-nose air-freshener. (ORDER HERE)

* The Vinyl 2 x LP version features a beautiful, super deluxe full-color gatefold sleeve, full-color inserts with liner notes and extensive photos, and an exclusive 11″ x 17″ poster. The LP records are both pressed on white vinyl. (ORDER HERE)

CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS Releases ANDREW W.K’s ‘I Get Wet’ Album to Celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of Its Release.

A decade ago, pop-metal party icon, ANDREW W.K., released his renowned debut album, I Get Wet. In honor of the album’s 10-year anniversary, ANDREW W.K. has joined forces with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS for a special re-issue edition to be released on August, 28th, 2012.

With Andrew being a huge metal fan himself and a huge fan of Century Media in particular, both parties were more than ecstatic when the opportunity arose to pair up for this special release. Andrew explains, “Even after all these years, I clearly remember the first day I heard the band Mayhem’s album, “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. Its dark psychedelic sensations made me realize I had found a new destiny – and had found the greatest music ever made. When I turned that seminal Mayhem album over and looked at the fine-print on the back cover, I saw a bold and clear stamp bearing the name CENTURY MEDIA. Another wave of destiny washed over me and a new dream was born: that I, Andrew W.K., would somehow be part of this great label’s story of musical power and glory. This fantastic company was not only willing to be an active player in the most crucial and illuminating of the arts (aka music), but also was willing to submit themselves to the same higher calling which motivated their most dedicated and influential artists. It gives me great pride and pleasure to confirm that CENTURY MEDIA is the destined home for our special edition of ‘I GET WET’.”

Andrew continues: “It also gives me proof that dreams not only come true, but that they make dreams into real power. Never in a million zillion years would I have imagined that the black wizards would use their cosmic keys to create a time for my humble musical dreams. The moon may be frozen, but its cold light is brighter than ever. Let my album’s release and all our collective efforts help shine an even brighter light on all of humanity, and to further prove that the manifestation is not just underway; it is complete.”

Century Media Records Director of Marketing, Matt Polen, adds, “When we heard Andrew W.K. was looking for a partner for this release, we jumped at the chance team up. I think I speak for the whole company when I say it’s a dream for us to work with him.”

Shown above, the “I Get Wet” special 10th anniversary deluxe edition will be available as double gatefold LP edition and as a 2-CD edition, both available through Century Media on August 28th, 2012. At first, the front cover of the anniversary edition appears to be the same “bloody nose” photograph from the original release. However, upon closer examination, fans will notice the cover is actually a photo-realistic oil painting by artist, Gonzalo Garcia. The packaging includes many more tricks and treats, including extensive liner notes and dozens of never before seen photos from throughout W.K.’s career, including rare shots from the recording of the “I Get Wet” album.

Also to be included in the deluxe anniversary edition is a second disc/LP featuring a generous helping of never before-heard live recordings, alternate mixes, early versions of the album’s songs, and other previously unreleased material. For the first time ever, Andrew and his team recorded their live concerts using a special custom-designed technology with the aim of recreating the sound inside Andrew’s own ear-canals while he performs on stage. They constructed a unique microphone enclosure disguised to look like a piece of monitor equipment which contained a specially manufactured audio system, designed to replicate Andrew’s skull. The resulting audio is raw, chaotic, and full of live energy. There will also be a limited number of autographed deluxe editions of the album, each containing a very special “SOMETHING” directly from Andrew’s private collection – everything from a lock of his hair to a world tour airplane ticket stub. The full track-listing appears below

Andrew has also given details of a super limited 500 double-disc autographed edition. In addition to an autographed 20-page booklet that accompanies the two discs, the 500 double-CD copies will also include very unique personal items from the party king himself. These items, inserted at random, may include a piece of Andrew W.K.’s own stage-worn filthy white Levi’s 501 jeans that were hand cut by Andrew into 496 pieces! Three of the remaining limited packages will contain a lock of W.K.’s unwashed hair, while one lucky purchaser will receive an autographed airplane ticket stub that W.K. used to fly from Prague to New York City during his 2012 world tour. Out of consideration for the recipients of his dirty jeans and hair, a Bloody Nose Air-Freshener will also be included in all packages to help with any potential odors caused by Andrew’s unwashed gifts.

“I wanted to give a piece of myself and this party to everyone who got one of these limited editions,” explains W.K. “Originally, I had wanted to include used tissues and one of my hangnails, but I was told that some international shipping laws don’t allow sending human flesh or bodily fluids inside of music packaging. So I decided to give the party people my dirty white jeans and hair instead. My jeans and hair give me party power—kind of like Dumbo’s magic feather. They’re blessed with the power of positive partying, and I hope that these objects bring even more magical partying to anyone who possesses them.”


DISC 1 (“I Get Wet” – The Original Album):

1. It’s Time To Party
2. Party Hard
3. Girls Own Love
4. Ready To Die
5. Take It Off
6. I Love NYC
7. She Is Beautiful
8. Party Til You Puke
9. Fun Night
10. Got To Do It
11. I Get Wet
12. Don’t Stop Living In The Red

DISC 2 (The Bonus Tracks):

1. It’s Time To Party (Live)
2. It’s Time To Party (1999 Version)
3. Party Hard (Live)
4. Party Hard (1999 Version)
5. Girls Own Love (Live)
6. Girls Own Love (1999 Version)
7. Ready To Die (Live)
8. Take It Off (Live)
9. I Love NYC (Live)
10. She Is Beautiful (Live)
11. She Is Beautiful (1999 Version)
12. Party Til You Puke (Live)
13. It Just Got Hotter (Sundogs Version)
14. Got To Do It (Keyboards Version)
15. I Get Wet (Live)
16. Don’t Stop Living In The Red (1999 Version)

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Enjoy some fan-made videos below expressing the collective “I Get Wet” excitement!