Northeastern Lecture:

On Wednesday, July 9th, 2008, Andrew gave a special lecture at Northeastern University in Boston. The event was sponsored by the school radio station, WRBB, as a summer After Hours seminar, titled, “An Evening With Andrew W.K.”

The stream of conciousness discussion included questions from the audience and several rounds of dance and song. Afterwards, Andrew gave away free autographed posters.

Andrew says: “Thanks to everyone who came to the lecture! I had an incredible time and I think it was the best one yet. I appreciate the fantastic questions – it made for a really enjoyable discussion. Remember to always roll ’round. I really felt like I was rolling during that night in Boston. What a nice rush! Great to meet new friends and see faces I’ve seen before.”

Andrew’s ideas focused on doing what we really want to do, and how we can use our words and thoughts to have a lot of fun. Andrew says, “Everything we’re doing is aimed towards exhiliration, freedom, and possibility. Thank you for doing it with me.”